Wednesday, 12 October 2011

meeting 12 october 2011

Assalamualaikum wbt. :) Hope all of you in the pink of health ok. Wondering what's the latest update for love symphony project?!! There are lots of changes happened lately. Well, here are the latest updates.

The country that we are suppose to do our project was Vietnam (Kg Khrup Khromchek) but now the country changes to Cambodia (Kg Cham). Datuk Suhaimi Shaidan will be helping us with the project at Cambodia. However, the charity dinner will still be conducted.

kg cham

Charity dinner updates!

* Our VIP also changed from Dato Shafie Apdal to well.. still unkown. latest updates soon.
This is due to technical problem between our club and college. :s
*One more problem arised when the choosing of MPP candidates for year 1 is exactly on the same date of the dinner. Well, lets hope its not going to be a problem for us since the dinner is in the night and the MPP selection is in the evening.  :)
*dinner's tentative:
7.30-8.00 pm - Ketibaan tetamu (Biro kebajikan)

8.00-8.15 - KetibaanVIP (HICOM)

8.15-8.20 - Bacaan doa + Negaraku + MARA (Bro Arif-lagu, Hazim)

8.20-8.25 - Video (Bro Arif, Arif specky)

8.25-8.30 - Pres LS (Faiq)

8.30-8.40 - Project manager + video (Amar +Nadia+ arif specky + bro)

8.40-9.00 - Ucapan + perasmian VIP + doa makan (VIP + Hazim)

9.00 - Tayangan aktiviti LS (Nadia)

9.15 - Perfomance cokia jr (i wonder who this is?? :D)

9.30 - Sajak (syamim + mira haya)

9.45 - Perfomance Raziq & Lah VE

10.15-10.30 - Penyerahan sumbangan

10.30pm - Bersurai

Tasks are also delegated in order to make the dinner a succes!

By the way LS members, we are on facebook for the charity dinner!! :) visit: Love Symphony 2010-2011 (but its a closed group so only approved ls members are allowed in) :p

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