Wednesday, 4 January 2012

new members?

Hey there everybody. Sorry because this blog has not been updated for so long. everybody was so busy lately right? IB exam is no near right now. only less than 5 months from now. We will be opening the oppurtunity for the year 1 students of KMB to join our love symphony community and in the end continue our journey to make love symphony a very successful humanitarian club. the details about the election of new member has not been decided yet. there was also a planning for us to pay another visit to tambun as our last visit before ib exam.insyaallah. so, everyone must give coorperation! :D but this does not mean its the last visit ever. we'll always do our best to visit our dearest brothers and sisters. :) miss them! hehe.  there will be a meeting for all love agent of year 2 student. be prepared okay! thats all for now and all the best in finishing the IA, EE, TOK, World Lit etc.

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